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There is no love without action


Letter from Giuseppe and

Gabriella Manganiello

"Faced with any need, do everything you can even when it becomes a challenge."

Our challenge began in June 2010 after a short trip to northern Albania, the first in a long series that gave the emotion and joy of giving to our lives. Love and care for others heal our hearts from individualism and the mission motivates our existence to accept changes and sometimes sacrifices. In all social contexts, there are needs and problems of different nature and about Albania, there is a heavy negative prejudice that makes it difficult to share and show projects. Our mission opens the horizons towards different cultures and mentalities placed before us to be accepted and loved and what we hope is to transmit our christian values and the passion that drives our hearts in discovering at any time that to give is better than receiving.


Chair and Co-Chair

CHI SIAMO: Chi siamo
CHI SIAMO: Chi siamo
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