we are restless people working to provide equal opportunities



that commitment and love for others are powerful tools in creating an enduring legacy rooted in a lifestyle of giving. Every project we develop is aimed at enhancing 360° the lives of the communities in which we operate. Oltre il Confine is the Italian translation for Above the Border: it is not just about the nation's boundaries but above different opinions, political ideals, cultures, religious beliefs, and prejudices.


In a more than ever globalized world, wealth inequalities are a threat that needs brilliant minds, able to look forward and with a clear perspective of the challenges that need to be faced. Oltre il Confine arises by the willingness of inspiring and support the community but principally by the necessity to act. Our biggest efforts are toward children and we constantly work to relieve them from poverty and to make possible their self-realization, because they are the future. The Organisation is operative since 2010 and it is inspired by innovative ideas and brave decisions.


Our culture is based on commitment, open-mindedness, consistency and most importantly, love for others. Every action we take, every project we develop and every goal we pursue, are all aimed to guarantee equal opportunities and lives improvements starting from the children, which are our top priority and then to the community as a whole.

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Via Monte Bianco 32, 10090 Bruino (TO)

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